5 Tips for Having a Threesome to Make Your Fantasy Come True

Tips for Having a Threesome

Get these tips for having a threesome as it is one of the things that many of you might have fantasized about to have it in your life. For most people, it is one of the things on their sexual bucket list. Most people feel that having a threesome is sometimes stressful though they love to enjoy two people at a time. Individuals who enjoyed threesomes like to boast about their experiences more than anything else. Having two partners at a time and getting pleasure from both, then what else you want it is like your fantasy dream come true.

But, most people feel that getting one partner to bed is itself a hard task, then how do they can get two partners to the bed. Also, it is very hard to satisfy both the partners at the same time, and sometimes you feel it is very complicated. Get some useful tips for having a threesome that can help you get them on the track and helps you get pleasure from both the partners.

Remember, it is not like porn, here you have to deal with two people, and you all know this proverb in English that goes “two is company and three are a crowd.” It applies here the most because you will get to hear a lot of noises, slapping sounds and profuse sweating, and a lot of adjusting needed. So now you can decide if you want to have a threesome.

Don’t be afraid to laugh, and this is one of the best ways for having a three-way. When you are getting confused or getting tangled among partner, etc. Most, then just laugh it out, yes laughing can quickly diffuse any discomfort, and also allows you to lighten up if your fantasy does not go the way you wanted.

Here you can find some of the best tips for having a threesome more enjoyable get more fun out of it and make your fantasy come true.

1. Maintain Good Communication

Having good communication is the key to having great sex, get onto the same page before, after and during the sex. People who are new to this concept may not like to go over the boundaries and don’t look for the opportunity; you just need to make sure that everyone is comfortable before they indulge in the sex act.

Most of the threesome happens with a primary partner and a play partner. You have to make some ground rules like make some hard limits such individuals should not do anything that they are not willing to engage. Some soft rules such as you want to do the things if your partner is willing to do if the timing is right. The communication should be debatable for each partner that you are having a threesome.

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2. Make Sure That All Partners Are Involved

When you are expecting a great threesome, then you should know that there more than just having sex with two partners. It generates a triangle configuration of erotic energy, intensifying every element of the experience. Also, a good threesome is not like having fun one after the other; it is more like all three of you should involve together. This kind of involvement gives you the erotic energy and gives the satisfaction to everyone.

But, remember when the erotic power is not constant among partners, and then the connection between any two will be compromised. You cannot make one partner feel left out when you have an excellent time with the other. Threesome is having a good time with each other, and every person should feel satisfied with their act.

3. Enlarge Your Classification of Sex

Having threesome can be incredibly thrilling, but that does not need to be intercourse. You don’t need to end up having sex to enjoy to the core of a threesome. Reflect on having a threesome expedition with sticking to non-penetrative sex; it is better to begin your first threesome this way. With hands, you can give pleasure to each other, and it is safe, at the same time super-hot.

You can also try to explore the passionate erotic potential and sensations of three naked bodies cuddling on the bed together, but do not try to get into physical intercourse risk. For beginners, this starter threesome can give the utmost pleasure, and if you want it more for next time, then you can go for physically and emotionally closer, next time you can always go beyond the limits.

4. Always Keep Things Safe

It is one of the best tips for having a threesome. In fact, you should follow this advice at any time when you are having sex. Safe sex is always important, but if you are getting a new partner into your relationship, and then make sure that you tell them about your commitment to maintaining safe sex practices. You cannot enjoy your intercourse with your partner if you keep worrying about unwanted pregnancy or diseases.

Make sure that all three of you follow the same rules and also make sure to communicate clearly about the safe sex. If possible, get an extra pack of condoms, gloves, and dams. You may like to do more once you start enjoying your threesome.

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5. Choose Your Partners Sensibly

Many people get confused when choosing their partner, and they are not sure that with whom they should have a threesome. They wonder if they want to have with a stranger or a friend. However, both have their plus and minus points, and there are risks and benefits involved in both. If you go with a stranger, you will not have emotional fallout, but it is high-risk for personal safety. But, if you have a threesome with a friend you may have to face emotional fallout, but you will have a personal protection. Also, if your encounter with a friend is satisfied, then you may want to repeat the fun and continue it for years.

A piece of advice to all the starters, do not have a threesome with your best friend or with an ex-lover because the emotional fallout risk will be intense. So, it’s nice to have a threesome with someone you trust but you are not very close to them and who does not play a significant role in your life.

In Conclusion

Threesomes have mystery surrounding it, but if you follow the above tips for having a threesome can help you make your fantasy come true. You feel like you know everything but the mystery will reveal unless you have been there.

So it’s up to you to decide if you are ready to have a threesome or you just want to fantasize about it. Many people are content just having a fantasy of a threesome, but some people want it to come true, and they call it an intense desire which they want it for real. The choice is yours, make it reality or keep it as a fantasy.